Most people tend to focus a lot on software and hardware and ignore peripherals when shopping around for the best Point of Sales System. However, to have a fully functional POS system, peripherals are necessary. The absence of peripherals is tantamount to having a traditional cash register instead of a truly revolutionary computerized system. Below is a full highlight of the must-have peripherals for any POS system:

1.   Barcode scanner is essential for any Point of Sales system

These days, barcodes are found in virtually every product on display in retail stores. Essentially, the barcode scanner scans the barcode on the products and comes up with a number that reflects the product name and its price on the computer. This alleviates the traditional way of manually typing in the product name and price on the computer, which is time-consuming and energy draining. Barcodes readers have helped retailers enhance customer flow by reducing queuing time.

2.   Any Point of Sales system must come with a POS printer

POS printers generate a physical receipt detailing the quantity, price and total value of products bought by a customer.  POS printer is necessary as customers often want to have actual physical receipts of products they’ve bought.

3.   LCD Customer display comes with the contemporary Point of Sales systems

The traditional linear display (VFD) that only displays information about product prices are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they are being replaced by the LCD customer display that acts as a complete, full-time product billboard for customers. On top of that, it offers the Point of Sale a contemporary look.

4.   Caller ID is typically aggregated in the modern Point of Sales systems

In this day and time of e-commerce boom, there are more shipping or home deliveries than ever before. So, most POS systems come with caller ID feature that makes it easier to identify the customer’s physical address to enable seamless processing and delivery of their orders.

5.   Cash drawers help with security and convenient handling of cash in a Point of Sales system

Cash drawers offer security for your cash by effectively hiding it from view. They also offer a whole lot of convenience when handling large amounts of cash, as they come with a large capacity to store coins, large bills, and additional media.

6.   Magnetic stripe card reader is critical in Point of Sales system

Magnetic card readers are used to output credit card details onto the screen. This peripheral is useful when a customer wants to pay for their products using credit cards or other cards.

There are other important peripherals like customer facing interactive pin pad, which aims to display promotional items to customers and to accelerate credit/debit card processing and mobile inventory device, which mightily reduces inventory maintenance time. When shopping around for the best POS retail system or POS restaurant system, ensure it comes along with the peripherals mentioned above to ensure the smooth running of your business.